This is meta week here at ZatB, isn’t it?

I have changed the tagline. It used to be ‘That’s my approach to feminism.’ Which was a little clunky and people probably never understood unless they checked the about page. But it did rather get at the essence of the blog. Now the tagline is ‘Keep changing the world.’ Don’t let anyone say it can’t be done and don’t ever stop.

In other news, I noticed from my stats page that some of you were having trouble clicking links for a few days. I contacted WordPress, they said they were sorting it out and they did in time for Carnival! So if you were having trouble, try clicking again.

Speaking of carnivals, this is the last day to submit to the Down Under Feminists Carnival. And we all know of my great and unbridled passion for DUFC. Where do you find these posts to submit? Well, there’s a whole Australasian section to my blogroll, so you could start there. We’ve got some really fabulous writing in our little corner of the blogosphere – if you’re looking for new material from new perspectives, come check us out. QoT is hosting again and it follows that the carnival should be fun.

In case you weren’t all linked up for the week already, here, have a blogroll update. In alphabetical order ’cause I’m a geek:

Rebel Raising – Kate, a queer feminist, writes about motherhood really, really well.
Small Strokes – is run by Ashley, a teacher doing her masters, and has has all sorts of related feminist goodness.
this ain’t livin’ – contains an almost overwhelming amount of thoughtful, progressive postage by meloukhia.
Viva La Feminista – Veronica’s a feminist Latina mother and writer; what more do you need to know?

I have a ginormous folder of blogs I want to get round to reading; there’s so much good writing in the world. I’m already planning my next blogroll update; I like to do them in little bursts.

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