It’s time for another search terms post…

sarah parish hair Um, here you go.Sarah Parish, including her hair.

hopeful people Here’s one!

how women feel about their breasts Proud. Resentful. Insecure. Pleased. In depends on woman, experience and context.

do male friends stare at your breasts I don’t remain friends with people who turn out to do that.

bonds underwear ad theme songs Here are old ones! Here’s a new one!

what good is science fiction to black people? What good indeed? Take it, Octavia Butler!

What good is any form of literature to Black people? What good is science fiction’s thinking about the present, the future, and the past? What good is its tendency to warn or to consider alternative ways of thinking and doing? What good is its examination of the possible effects of science and technology, or social organization and political direction? At its best, science fiction stimulates imagination and creativity. It gets reader and writer off the beaten track, off the narrow, narrow footpath of what “everyone” is saying, doing, thinking–whoever “everyone” happens to be this year. And what good is all this to Black people?

sad puppy dog picture Here you go.Sad puppy

women are just like that Full of win? Yes, I know.

what are cispeople Cis people are people who are not trans. Here, have some trans 101.

things that really annoy me Oh, when the plastic things at the end of shoelaces come off. Forgetting what the proper name for those plastic things is. Losing a knitting needle. People not paying attention when someone’s speaking. Lots of things.

people making fun of feminists And the poor creature ended up here…

“how story functions” Well! There’s a question one could spend a lifetime at. Story can be used to pass on knowledge, play out feelings, persuade, record history; story can be an exercise in skill, a journey of the spirit, an examination of the human condition. How doesn’t it function? How hasn’t story been in the centre of things?

cake partty sex feminism Let’s… do that then.
"partty sex feminism" on a cake

That’s all for now, readers.

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