That’s probably the least weird title I have come up with for this. I have been in a strange, strange place since January, but especially since April, but especially since May, but especially since September, but ESPECIALLY since a certain set of incidents that occured in the ‘sphere a few days ago. Which is to say, my blogging may for a time go into that strange erratic place of stream of consciousness and pictures of David Tennant again. Or I may write a lot of introspective posts. Or I might start exclusively analysing cultural phenomena. Don’t panic.


I have much by way of exciting things to share with you!

I’m a contributor to the brand new blog FWD/Forward, taglined FWD (feminists with disabilities) for a way forward. The contributors are an amazing, diverse, writery group of people and I am relishing being a part of this project. It is shaping up to be rather fantabulous – and as such you much promote it to all you meet! – and I will be off to coordinate a few posts for it when I’m done with this one. Suggestions, comments, guest posts: we take them all.

Over at the Radical Readers bookclub, October’s pick is bell hooks’ Feminist Theory: From Margin to Center. Get reading and discussing! Our blog is here and our Goodreads group is here. I have been having some trouble obtaining a copy but will get there eventually! And I’d finished the previous month’s selections within days!

As another reminder, I’m on twitter as @challyzatb. It’s primarily locked for spam purposes, so feel free to add me.

I’ve also joined Tumblr here and Dreamwidth here. This is apparently what I do now.

Goodness me, that’s quite a lot in all, isn’t it?

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