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I’ve got such a lovely group of commenters here that I want to hear a bit more from you, not just in response to my writing. Lurkers, this is your cue to delurk if you feel comfortable to do so.

By request:

Here is a guinea pig, a satin Peruvian one in fact. At least, I think there’s a guinea pig somewhere in there.
A very long haired satin Peruvian guinea pig

Here is baking goodness in the form of a sandcastle cake (via Cake Wrecks):
Sandcastle cake, with turrets, flags and shells

And here is Tennant:
David Tennant, sitting in a wardrobe with a tea cup and saucer
Never will sitting in a wardrobe with a cup of tea be the same again.

I have some questions for you, readers. Answer one, some or all.

  • What’s going on for you today?
  • How did you pick your screenname?
  • Do you have any hobbies?
  • What are you having a hard time with social justice-wise?
  • Where are you from and what do you like about home?
  • What’s your favourite book?

Have fun!

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