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Or, if you were in need or more titling, ‘This is kind of huge’ or ‘WHAT DO THESE PEOPLE THINK THEY ARE DOING?’

So, you know that second piece of good news I was cryptically referencing? You wanna know what it is? Do ya?

I’ve been asked to join the team at Feministe.

Yeah. I just shook when I got the email. I am trying to assure myself that they haven’t made a horrible mistake. It’s like some kind of far-off daydream. I really don’t understand. But I’m going with it.

I… yeah. Here’s my introductory post. And go look at my about page.

I can’t decide whether the best bit is getting to put ZatB on the blogroll, or knowing these amazing writers like what I do, or… it’s so wonderful, and I so cherish the opportunity. Thanks, Feministe crew.

I’d appreciate seeing a few familiar faces in comments, so to speak, so if some of you could comment on my posts there, I’d appreciate it.

(May now not sleep for a month and may spend waking hours refreshing pages.)

(But it will be fantastic.)

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