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So, I’m pretty much everywhere it would seem. I’m trying to settle in to writing for so many spaces, figuring out what goes where, realising I gear my writing towards really specific audiences, and I need to broaden that if things are to go on mulitple blogs (which will be necessary if I am, you know, to continue beyond a few weeks of this). But in the mean time, and in any case, you’re probably curious as to what I’ve been writing elsewhere that hasn’t, or hasn’t yet, appeared here.

So, from FWD/Forward:

Gender presentation, disability and intersections

How does your gender presentation interact with your disability, your sexual orientation (or lack thereof, if that’s how you frame it) and your life history?

Disability and Sexuality 101, or, Do disabled people have sex?

Disability often influences a person’s sex life, as it does many other aspects of life. (Not to mention framing disability as this overarching barrier to sex obscures the fact that, you know, other factors have their role in how and if a person is sexual.) Pain or fatigue or physical features, for instance, can have an impact, but that doesn’t mean PWD are never sexual. Because there are so many different types of disability – and some people have multiple disabilities – there are lots of different changes PWD and their partners might make to make sex possible, easier or just more fun. This could include clear communication when a partner has an anxiety disorder, assessing which positions are most comfortable with a particular body shape, adapting sex toys for people with limited motor control and a whole range of things.

And from Feministe:

Devaluing women’s words

I am very grateful that the Feministe crew saw fit to bring me in, but I must admit to being very surprised and not feeling quite deserving. I want to deconstruct some of the patriarchal influence that had its role in shaping my reaction.

I haven’t been sleeping that well what with my life turning upside down and all, twice in a week, so I’m feeling tired and thrilled. Thank you for all your support, everyone.

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