I think I just have this thing about meta. I love writing meta-activism and I love blogging about blogging.

First up, a reminder to read the comments policy before commenting. If you haven’t checked the policy, or if it’s been a while, please have a read.

There have been several small updates to the sidebar and the about page. I couldn’t find a decent translation widget after all, so I ended up making an icon linking to the US Google translation page. Not perfect, but that was the most accessible and viable option I could come up with given WordPress’ restrictions on embedding.

Here are new blogs for the blogroll:

And you know how I love my carnivals.

  • Anji of Shut Up Sit Down has the latest Carnival of Feminists up. Go show her some love.
  • There are just a few more days to submit to the next Down Under Feminists Carnival. The rather charming Jo Tamar is hosting. For details and information on the theme, head over to Wallaby.
  • FWD/Forward is hosting the November run of the Disability Carnival. The theme is disability and intersectionality and it is sure to be fantastic! Get your posts in.

Lastly, I must share the most hilarious spam comment I’ve ever had:

To engage masculinities through the prism of feminist theory or to write feminist theory using masculinities as an analytic… Sex Video [link redacted]

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