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I’m pretty well exhausted just now. I was quite spoony around my birthday, but now I’m half asleep! I don’t think I’ll ever make it through all the leftover cake and cookies…! A nice problem to have, I suppose! A couple of family crises came to a head as well, so now life is fair bit less stressful. I had a lovely birthday full of friends and food and all sorts of loveliness. I’ve been given a bunch of new books; my friends know me well. It’s just finding the time to read them all now!

As it happens, this is the anniversary of my creating this blog, though my first post was on the 20th, and I want to celebrate my blogiversary on 31 December, because that’s when I began properly. How exciting!

One of these days, by which I mean soon, I will muster the spoons to write substantive ZatB-exclusive content. I have a lot I want to say on body image, and how feminist critiques of feminine presentation spend a lot of time missing the intersections, and all sorts of things. But right now I am just trying to get through my day. So, essentially, don’t go away, please!

Until then, here’s some stuff I’ve been writing that hasn’t been cross-posted here:

Highlighting the Fistula Foundation at Feministe. A remarkable organisation, so please find out about what they do.

The Disabled Label at FWD/Forward

To gain access to some services, I had to fill in some forms marked “disability”. That was cool, I could handle being lumped in with disabled people, oh wait maybe that means this qualifies as a disability, oh no I’m one of them, stop being a bigot they’re disabled not monsters from the black lagoon – hey. Maybe I am disabled. Maybe that describes what I’m going through. Maybe this will allow me to explore opportunities and internal spaces I’ve been shutting off. And that’s okay.

Question Time: Assistive Devices at FWD. What are yours? We have everything from Bejeweled and similar games (for dealing with anxiety) to glasses to shower chairs to alarm clocks!

Ten webcomics you should read at Feministe. I rec a few of my favourites, and the commenters add a heap more! Check it out.

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