I watch how those around me do activism, and I wonder about how to serve ourselves and the world better. I so often see people hurtling along, trying to cram in as much as possible, falling apart, hitting the dust. I have no problem with trying to do as much social justice work as possible; what an immensely valuable thing to do. But I think we can do it better, and leave ourselves a little more intact at the end of the day.

How often do you stop and reflect on what work you’ve done? I think it’s not only important to do so in terms of assessing how well you’ve been doing, but as a feminist action in itself. So much of what women do – in the workplace, in conversation, traditional “women’s work” – is so devalued that taking pride in one’s work as an activist is in itself a very feminist action.

I take the time to affirm myself and my work, and to determine what needs to be done to move forward. So I ask myself: What have I been doing? (Stop and acknowledge.) What’s the difference between that and what I thought I would do? What are my near goals? Where do I go next? And what does all this mean to me and the world?

So stop and reflect on your work with me.

(For anyone worrying they’re not “real” activists, I would encourage you to broaden your view of what activism can be. Calling people out, centring marginalised voices, buying ethically…)

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