Part one, part two and part three.

31. My favourite punctuation mark is the semicolon. ; FTW.
32. I own a set of Harry Potter lego.
33. I love books for themselves, the smell and feel and weight of them, as well as for their words.
34. I have lots of moles, from behind my right ear to in between my toes.
35. I sometimes wear petticoats.
36. My favourite bra is this pink, sparkly, flowery concoction. It is wonderful.
37. Sometimes I have dreams in which my friends’ personalities and the nature of our relationships are utterly different to what they really are. I also have dreams in which I’m dear friends with people who, upon waking, I realise I’ve never encountered while awake.
38. The summer I turned twelve, there was a day on which I ate strawberry ice cream with breakfast, lunch and dinner. I love ice cream.
39. 2009 has been far and away the worst year of my life.
40. I love guinea pigs so, so much.

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