At Deborah’s (In a strange land) request, here are pictures of the chocolate caramel tartlets I made for an afternoon tea the other day. I host a mean afternoon tea, if I do say so myself.

First, I cut out pastry circles. I used a store-bought pastry, which I usually wouldn’t, but I’m fast becoming a fan of that particular company. I popped them into the oven, which was preheated to 200C, and took them out when they were golden and crisp, which took around ten minutes.
Small circles of pastry in trays.

The caramel part of the recipe called for a 380g can of sweetened condensed milk, 2 tablespoons golden syrup and 60g butter, and I chucked approximately that into a pot.
Condensed milk and butter in a small pot, covered in squiggles of syrup.

I stirred for a few minutes, until the mixture was yellowy and thickened a little.
Lovely yellowy caramel, in the small pot, with a wooden spoon.

Then I filled in the shells with the caramel (well, I did some of them, see below) and the tartlets went in the fridge until they set. Shells, on a tray, now filled with caramel.

By this time I’d somehow managed to burn my finger on a tray through the oven gloves, so while I was off nursing that, my kind cooking companion stepped in and mixed 200g of dark chocolate with 2 tablespoons of cream on a low heat. She then spooned the chocolate on top of the caramel.
Chocolate being spooned onto the tartlets.

We ended up with four trays’ worth, with twelve to a tray. Actually, less, because I burnt some of the shells, but still a lot of yummy goodness! Alas there are only five left now.
Tartlets, now all chocolate covered!

Simple and really quite delicious!

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