As I continue on my musical quest!

“Walking on Broken Glass” (unembeddable, you’ll have to click through) (the video features a younger Hugh Laurie!)
Click through for the video for "Walking on Broken Glass"
Song lyrics. Description: A wedding at which the guests are in something like pre-revolutionary upper class French dress. Annie Lennox pines after the groom and they exchange many an intense glance. There is much dancing and fluttering of fans. Hugh Laurie, who is accompanying Annie, is pushed aside. Hugh goes to talk to the bride and groom, Annie is left by herself with her drink. She walks up, pushes the bride aside and pulls the groom away. The two of them argue in a dark room. Annie is left, distressed, by herself. Annie pushes her way through the guests and comes upon the bridal couple. The bride stands in front on the groom, Hugh looks surprised, Annie is dragged away. She escapes and goes out of the room, then descends a staircase. She meets the groom there and he picks her up and twirls her around.

“Why” (unembeddable, you’ll have to click through)
Click to see the video for "Why"
Song lyrics. Description: Annie dons her orange and purple showgirl gear, then poses as if for a photo shoot.

“Here Comes the Rain Again” (unembeddable, you’ll have to click through)
Click to see the video for "Here Comes the Rain Again"
Song lyrics. I’ll defer to Wikipedia for a description.

Great stuff!

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