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Six posts in one! Here are the posts I’ve been writing that haven’t been cross-posted here.

From Feministe:

This is for girls, this is for boys.

It’s about setting women on the outside: women are to be a subset of humanity, to be catered for specially or to be the standard of that which the real people ought not to want to be.

Bits of this may seem familiar to long term ZatB readers!

In which the feminist science fiction/fantasy/speculative fiction fans have our fun

I note that I am far from being the only person here who is both a feminist and a fan of science fiction! Because I love sharing the femSF love, let’s put together a list of our favourite novels, stories and writers.

With added Octavia E. Butler, James Tiptree, Jr., and Ursula K. Le Guin love. The thread’s at over 100 comments so far.

From FWD/Forward:

Disability History Education Video
What it says on the tin!

Some Thoughts on The Time Traveler’s Wife

The other day I went to see the film version of my favourite book, Audrey Niffenegger’s The Time Traveler’s Wife. I was expecting a more gooey version of the book, and was a little apprehensive about the treatment of disability, but I wasn’t expecting what I got.

Linking some disability-related poetry!

Meet a Contributor: Chally!
Meet a Contributor is a series in which each FWD/Forward contributor is interviewed by the others in turn. So, this is your chance to learn the answers to such intriguing questions as what I would do if I had a TARDIS, or what I think of capybaras, or what I would do were I to live in Canada.

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