No, don’t think I’ll ever run out of those titles. I almost went with ‘Oh, won’t you make the meta stop’ but I know you all enjoy these posts as much as I do. No, probably only I get quite this level of satisfaction out of meta. It’s one of my many quirky charms.

First up, there are new editions of two of my favourite carnivals.

  • 19th December Down Under Feminists’ Carnival, which mynxii has done a fantastic job of at The Professional Lap Cat.
  • Amanda is hosting The 9th Feminist Blog Carnival at The Undomestic Goddess.
  • So much to read through! Please go show them both some love.

    I’ve changed the comment settings, and now all comments will be moderated. I may not keep it this way. I’m not making this change because of any problems, mostly for increased control over what goes on in my space and for the excitement of approving new comments! Speaking of which, I want to remind all commenters, new and old, regular and, uh, irregular, to check the comment policy. That means you.

    Lastly, I’m going on holidays. I am so tired – sleepy, in my body, of dealing with people, of writing, of this year – and am hoping to have a good break with books and beach and koalas and dolphins and happiness. So there will be no posts for the next week. If you want to contact me, email’s probably your best bet, but no guarantees.


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