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A collection of posts, dated from 2008 through to Wednesday, on how we relate to each other.

“Colourblind” by Jha of Rebellious Jezebel Blogging. A little anti-racism 101.

It would definitely be an excellent world in which we none of us were discriminated against because of skin colour, race, culture, ethnicity. But the more and more I listen, the more I think that erasing the concepts entirely isn’t a good idea.

I Don’t Think Of You As Black, Disabled, …. by Wheelchair Dancer. On erasing your friends’ IDs.

When you say that, I feel that you are constantly erasing the very things that make me “me.” I will never be you. But, please, allow me to be me. And if you need to erase the differences between us, I find that something of a problem. I like our differences. I like what makes you different; I learn from that. Must my difference always be threatening to you (and those around us)?

One Of My Best Friends Is… by meloukhia at this ain’t livin’. mel takes on this trope from so many angles.

Knowing a single member of a minority group does not make one an expert on that group. It also doesn’t mean that one is not racist/sexist/ableist/heterosexist/cissexist/etc. It may mean that one has been exposed to one person’s knowledge and experiences, that one has been given a glimpse of a very large whole, but that’s about it.

also by meloukhia, On Centering Voices.

What’s curiously missing in a lot of these discussions are the voices of the people being talked about.

Imagine no one has to imagine by Wheelie Catholic. John Lennon playing in my head now.

That’s the day I dream about. Imagine when no one has to imagine because we are living shoulder to shoulder.

Is it worth the risk? by amandaw guest posting at Feministe. Actually, read everything she posted during her guest run because gooooold.

We are far more likely to know what is going to help us live our lives than you are, however informed you think yourself on the subject.

Something New by Jay of Two Women Blogging. Jay, in case you are unaware, is one of my favourite bloggers in the whole wide blogosphere.

This is a lesson I have to keep learning: it’s all about the relationship. Real change and real learning happen when it’s safe to take risks, and that requires that both people see and respect the other.

thoughts on the politics of independence by cripchick at cripchick’s weblog. See the comments, too.

not trying to romanticize communities of color or say that we don’t experience ableism here, just trying to really think whether our mainstream disability rights model will ever really *fit* for communities of color or whether we need to reframe the conversation and think about the values that are included in this model instead of “outreaching” to them.

also by cripchick, see you next lifetime. I hope I don’t forget this piece.

i am learning the art of goodbye, the importance of timing in farewell.

On apologizing and holding grudges by L at Editorializing the Editors. The politics of apologies.

And the patriarchy is fundamental to our current understanding of apologies and forgiveness; we can’t escape the patriarchal lens filtering our beliefs about what it means to apologize and to forgive.

That’s it, lovelies. Throw anything, ah, related in comments.

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