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It’s my first blogiversary here at Zero at the Bone. That is, I signed up for this WordPress account on 18 November and made my first post on 20 November, but I consider the spirit infusing this blog to have become so in earnest on 31 December 2008.

And it’s been quite a year. Easily the worst I’ve ever experienced in just about every aspect of my life, but blogging has been pretty sweet. I’ve written some pieces I’m really proud of, like the Octavia Butler tribute. And Not Staying Silent was difficult to write in the extreme, and one of the bravest things I’ve done. I’ve made some good friends through blogging I plan to hang onto for a long time. I’ve learned so much about social justice issues, and maybe even more about doing social justice, being accountable, relating, which is really the goal of the whole thing!

I’ve been fortunate enough to gain places blogging elsewhere. We’re combining two of my great loves, feminism and reading, at the Radical Readers bookclub, and it feels so new, and I’m so looking forward to see where we go with it. FWD has been quite a ride; we’ve built something amazing. And blogging at Feministe was one of those slightly silly daydreams I used to feel a bit embarrassed about indulging in, so I thought the universe was messing with me when I was asked to join. I am so pleased to be a part of all those blogs, and I’m learning the particular place my voice has in each of those, and what I have to say in those spaces.

And ZatB: ZatB’s always going to be my home, as long as I do social justice blogging. This is my project, this is my figuring out myself in terms of social justice. A year ago today, I said my goal was to post at least one piece I’m proud of for at least a year. And while that didn’t manifest quite as I intended – ‘once a week, every week’ – I got there numerically; more importantly, I got there through this blog as a whole. It’s more about what this blog means as an entire work, with all its bits and long posts and thoughts and everything, than just its composite parts, which are valuable too of course.

Thank you for engaging and for your readership. Knowing there are people reading my words has meant so much.

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