Mmm, tangy yet intriguingly like what the tears of tears would be like if tears could cry, you know?

(Any new reader to this blog is so lost right now.)

First up, a blogroll update!

  • think on this. I… actually don’t know how abby jean wasn’t on my blogroll before. She is fabulous, and I don’t even know how she manages to pack that much information into her blog so regularly.
  • Bicoastal Gimps is run by my email pal Erin and her boyfriend, Robert. Go check out their shiny new blog!
  • a penguin of very little brain is stephiepenguin’s place. Lots of great stuff on being Asian in Australia. I also like to browse steph’s delicious account for good links!
  • Tiger Beatdown is a blog about ladybusiness by the clever and funny and really rather charming Sady Doyle. It is a blog most delicious and enjoyable!
  • Justine Larbalestier is a feminist Australian writer. Her blog has all sorts of reflections on writing and social justice-type things, and I have a lot of respect for this white writer who writes so many non-white characters, and so well.

I’ve also rearranged the blogroll a bit; there’s now a co-bloggers section, which features people I write with elsewhere. Also, I have upwards of 100 blogs in my bookmarks folder of blogs I mean to check out, which is a bit ridiculous. And that’s with me trying to make headway with that every so often. There are a few I’ve been meaning to have a proper read of for months and months! Hopefully I’ll be able to set aside a solid chunk of time to go explore them all at some stage.

Fun fact of the day: 925 people have found this blog by searching for “sad puppy”. That doesn’t include variations thereupon.

You are perhaps familiar with my esteemed fellow blogger TR Xands from Adventures of the TV Addict, the Wannabe Writer, and the Should-Be Famous. Well, we have decided that we are too utterly amazing to not join together and form a singular being. So we have. You may call us CHALXANDS. You can read all about CHALXANDS’ existence as the most terrifying robot ever to cast laser eyes upon this sorry world. Xands is one of the funniest people I’ve met and I am enjoying myself immensely already!

I’ve joined formspring as well, so if you’re inclined to ask me a question about anything at all, you can do so anonymously if you’re so inclined! How exciting.

Also, regarding that post where I wasn’t quite sure where my writing was going to be for the next while, it’s interesting. I’ll have sudden bursts I wasn’t expecting, or that I was expecting months ago, and the length, style and platform do indeed seem to be quite varied. Happily I am less tired now. We will see where everything goes!

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