I’ve just been listening to Aussie favourite Natalie Imbruglia a bit lately and thought you might like to hear her music, too.

“Counting Down the Days” (2005)

Lyrics here. It’s such a good video clip: interlocking shots of Natalie going through the same routine on different days, getting out of bed, eating breakfast, taking the train, at the water cooler, talking to her boss and that sort of thing. It ends with her running home, packing a bag and heading to the airport in a taxi with a smile on her face.

“Wrong Impression” (2001)

Lyrics here. It’s essentially Natalie by the sea, on a bicycle, in a car, at the cinema, in a park.

“Torn” (1997)

Lyrics here. Natalie is in what seems to be a living room, sometimes singing directly to the camera, sometimes with a male companion with whom she never quite seems to connect with. There are sometimes other people, who move furniture around and out the room throughout. Eventually they start to remove the walls of the set and we’re left with a relatively bare recording space. This is intercut with shots of how it was before, with just Natalie and her companion.


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