A drawing of a lemonade stand with red wheels and a shade. There's a sign on the front with a drawing of a lemon saying 'lemonade 50c'.

Mim from Mim’s Muddle was kind enough to give me the above award (and lend me Ursula Le Guin and Terry Pratchett books as well as agree to drive me around Sydney this weekend… er, she’s a very kind person). The idea is ‘when life gives you lemons, make lemonade’ and it’s awarded for having a great attitude and showing gratitude. I, um, don’t think I’ve done much of either lately but hey I’m always happy to receive the happy!

And to share the happy! You’re supposed to pass it onto at least ten people. These are some bloggers of great (not necessarily one hundred per cent sunshine and rainbows, but certainly positive in the sense of moving things) attitude I’m awarding:

Xands from Adventures of the TV Addict, the Wannabe Writer, and the Should-Be Famous because her attitude makes me LOL.

frau sally benz of Jump off the Bridge, because she’s a sweetheart and really enthused about life.

Ariane (who has her own little world) is a very grateful person; she started off the gratefulness meme! And even when things are tough, she’s always looking forward with a wry humour.

WildyParenthetical who is always very conscious of the people and things she cares about.

Dorian (his Dreamwidth, his LiveJournal) who I have not known for long, but regardless warms my heart with his positive attitude.

Deborah from In a strange land appreciates all sorts of things some of us would toss aside as small. And it was her birthday on the 14th!

Emily of Transkitten has to be one of the most upbeat bloggers in the ‘sphere – she can even put a positive spin on parking tickets! She’s having a tough time right now so please click through and give her some page view love.

Spilt Milk values life and counts her blessings.

bfp of flip flopping joy – well, she values so many things enough to not follow the trend, but think them through in her own time, in her own way.

amandaw from three rivers fog is uniquely grateful for the opportunity, any opportunity, to shift things toward the better. That’s a great attitude in my book!

I am grateful for all these writers!