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This is the 250th post here at Zero at the Bone, across nineteen categories and 200 tags. The comment count passed 1000 not too long ago, too! I feel all proud and achievey!

What kind of a Chally would I be if I passed up the opportunity for a bit of meta-postage? [1]

Carnivals! You are perhaps aware that I am hosting the Carnival of Feminists very shortly? Check out my CoF call for submissions and nominate yourself and/or other bloggers to be in it!

But that’s not the only blog carnival around…

The Asian Women Blog Carnival is being hosted this time around by the lovely stephiepenguin. See the call for submissions. It’s going to be amazing. The deadline’s 12 February.

The Carnival of Feminist Parenting comes to us from Anji at Mothers for Women’s Lib once more. I’ve just remembered that I’ve read a load of things I’m going to submit, and you should too by 7 February.

The Disability Carnival Blog for this month is being hosted by Disability on Dreamwidth. The theme is relationships. See the call for submissions and submit before 20 February.

The Down Under Feminists Carnival is rayedish’s (The Radical Radish) project this month. You’ve got until 2 February to submit posts!

Over at Raising My Boychick we have a poll for Lesbian/Bisexual Woman of the Decade! I can’t quite pick which candidate I want to win so I pick someone different every time I vote! It’s a bunch of fun so go vote!

And, of course, a blogroll update:

  • Dis/Embody by Liz Ellcessor. She’s a) doing a PhD in Media and Cultural Studies b) in Madison, Wisconsin, c) writes about disability and d) shares a birthday with me. Automatic blogroll add.
  • Fat Lot of Good by Bri King. My fellow Aussie, she admins Notes from the Fatosphere!
  • PhD Research Blog is, well, Frankie’s PhD research blog. She’s a rather nice soul. She’s researching the Australian feminist blogosphere as a matter of fact!
  • Rebellious Jezebel Blogging; Acting Out Edition by Jha. All sorts of goodness on writing and race and national identity. Check it out!
  • Taking Steps by little light. You need to read this blog.

Here’s to another 250th posts with you, readers!

[1] Why do I always feel the urge to comment on my meta-postage while making meta-postage?! Meta-meta-postage. Which makes this footnote meta-meta-meta-postage. Which makes…

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