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On Saturday night a bunch of Internet people (ie people who hang out in the feminist blogosphere) and one non-Internet person (a meatspace friend of mine, the poor dear) went to karaoke! For the record, Jo Tamar is hilarious, tigtog from HAT has a beautiful singing voice and there was no discussion of Time Lord sex at all. Naturally you are wondering what I wore because… I say so.

A dress-type garment with a shiny collar. It's many different colours.

Yes, I am big into rainbows.

Today’s Music Monday is composed of songs we sang!

“Common People” (lyrics here).

Julie Andrews’ version of “Wouldn’t it be Loverly” from My Fair Lady (lyrics here).

And lastly, “Bohemian Rhapsody”. You get the Muppets version! (Approximate lyrics here.

We had a lot of fun!

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