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Well, I’m waiting for all my favourite shows to come back after the summer break, and some of them will be starting this month, thank goodness.

The Doctor in his blue suit, hands in pockets and eyebrows raised.Doctor Who I realise I am the only Whovian on Earth who has yet to see David Tennant’s final episodes. (Oh, Tennant. Ohhh Tennant.) This is because I am waiting for the ABC to air them, because I am hardcore like that, and will have to wait until 14 and 21 February! I haven’t even seen the trailer for Matt Smith’s Doctor yet! This is my favourite favourite show, to the extent that no one is allowed to speak to me and I won’t so much as drink water during it because I cannot be distracted. If you have not seen this show, you will not understand. I’m actually quite surprised by how many feminists are Doctor Who fans, it seems like most of my blog friends are major Whovians! The show’s about a time traveler from Gallifrey called the Doctor who spends a rather surprising amount of time saving Earth with his human companions. On the verge of death, he can regenerate into a new body and personality, which explains how the show has lasted so long (both in terms of overcoming that usual problem of losing the main character and therefore the heart of the show when an actor leaves and in that it keeps switching things up). Tennant’s doctor is was the tenth since 1963. It’s really quite a brilliant show. Here is a video by YouTube user lesmisloony full of instances of Ten saying ‘well’. It’s more entertaining than it sounds.

Grey’s Anatomy I don’t care what you say, this is a great show. This is probably the only show I watch I don’t feel tense or alienated during because of the racial make-up of the show. There are non-white people! Lots of them! It’s great. It is the most soapy a show can be while still being called a drama, and the medical cases are very improbable, and they all have sex so much it gets a bit boring, but it is GREAT. I would explain the plot to you, but, weird cases, soap and sex, I pretty much just did. The series premiere was on Tuesday, but as I am writing this on Tuesday, and am adding this sentence to the post after having just learned the premiere is tonight, (!) I cannot actually comment! And now I am adding this sentence on Wednesday to say it was a bit crap!

Ghost Whisperer cast in black in the background, with Melinda at the front and centre in an orange-y dress, looking away from the camera.Ghost Whisperer This show scares the crap out of me – yeah, don’t invite me to your horror movie night. And as much as it irritates me that there are just about zero non-white people on this show, and though it’s silly silly fluff, I still tune in every episode. It’s about Melinda, an antique store owner in a small American town who can see ghosts. It’s her job to help sort out their unfinished business so they can cross over. Everything (usually) resolves nicely and we get a happy ending where the ghosts aren’t so scary as they seem at first and everything works out for the best. So it’s exactly what you want in your fluff TV: mild intrigue, likable lead characters and happy endings!

The cast of HIMYM hanging out in, uh, a bathroom.How I Met Your Mother I know, I know, it is a horrible show in many ways. I started watching probably last season and I don’t know why I like it so much but I do! Plus, Neil Patrick Harris, come on. It’s about a guy called Ted who’s telling his kids in the year 2030 what he got up to as a younger man up until meeting their mother. Apparently they’ve got the identity of the mother all sorted out but we don’t know who it is yet! I think the most we know about her is that she has a yellow umbrella. It’s about the adventures Ted has with his mysteriously racially homogenous friends (yeah this is a sticking point for me and telly) Barney, (the womaniser) Robin, (his ex-girlfriend) Lily (the kindergarten teacher who just can’t keep a secret) and Marshall (his college roomate) (these last two are the adorable couple).

Although I am still sad that there is no more Black Books (‘chicken is finite!’) or Vicar of Dibley. Oh, or The West Wing, of course.

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