Because we are.

I’ve just learned about Allison Iraheta today, thanks to isabelthespy. She came in fourth on the eight season of American Idol. She’s seventeen, she’s Latina, she has fabulous red and blue hair and she seems pretty unique. Here’s “Friday I’ll Be Over U” (lyrics here).

Description: It’s pretty much the band performing the song. It switches between B&W to colour, with punk-cartoony splashes of colour throughout.

You’ve probably seen the amazing video for Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”. But you probably don’t know anything about the choreographer. JaQuel Knight put together the hugely successful routine at the tender age of nineteen.

Click through to see!

Description: I can’t really describe it that well, so please excuse me. There are three dancers in leotards, it’s in black and white and it’s just an amazing routine.

Here’s another I’ve just heard of today, from kaninchenzero. Smoosh are a Seattle-based indy pop band made up of siblings Asy, Chloe and Maia. Here’s “La Pump” and if you’re in need of some lyrics. This song is from 2004, before Maia joined the band; Asy was 12 years old and Chloe was 10.

Description: It’s set in some claymation universe in which a ban on music. At times we see the older two sisters performing the song and observing their clay selves. The mayor, dragons and robots converge on the stage where Smoosh are performing. The mayor pulls out the amp plug, and a “real” band member reaches down to push it back in. There’s a fight with lots of fire and ripping up of anti-music signs. The mayor and co run off and Smoosh high-five triumphantly.

Pretty cool stuff, no?