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41. I love Canadian children’s television.
42. My favourite random fact is that in the 1960s Andorra’s two big radio stations were Andorradio (run by the French) and Radio Andorra (run by the Spanish). I use this fact so often and have done for so many years that it’s not actually that random.
43. I struggle at learning new languages.
44. I love Melbourne, which is a shocking thing for a Sydneysider to admit!
45. My favourite flowers are irises.
46. I don’t like being given flowers. Killing living things and presenting them as tribute doesn’t sit right with me, particularly given that those are the plants’ reproductive organs we’re talking about.
47. I have been trying to grow my hair long since I was three. It’s around my shoulders at present. This is frustrating.
48. When I was seven I read Nineteen Eighty-Four because it was the favourite novel of a character in the Demon Headmaster books. That was an experience.
49. I love being in the water, it feels like my element somehow. I’m not a fabulous swimmer, though, but I can swim well enough!
50. I love bright colours. I’ve recently accumulated a lot of rainbow things such as a rug and socks.

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