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A grab bag of blogular treats ranging from last July up until now. Have fun digging in!

Because there have to be different words you can use by Zailyn at Primary Decomposition.

Stop using the word “asexual” as a negative.

Part of me cringes at phrasing it this boldly, tells me that I should understand), that things like talking about the way disabled women or older women or fat women or the like are constructed as “asexual” are part of mainstream feminist thought and have been since before our movement existed (although *we* still existed, isolated and alone and feeling broken and inventing our own words for ourselves because no one would give us any-) and, you know, who am I to come along and point at this body of work and go “actually, I find this offensive?”

Another part of me goes – but, well, it is offensive. And it hurts.

Dear World: Look up “Satire” in the Dictionary by Lauredhel at Hoyden About Town.

Putting ignorance on display, then panicking, backpedalling and calling it “satire” isn’t hip or edgy or anywhere near as successful a coverup as people seem to think it is.

Notice at elle, phd.

Haiti/Haitians do(es) not exist to facilitate opportunities to make you feel good about yourself.

Newsflash: Immigrants Are People Too by frau sally benz at Jump off the Bridge.

Women who have already been through an experience traumatic enough to stay with them for the rest of their lives are now subjected to heinous treatment simply because they are trying to leave that trauma behind.

Snakes in the grass. by Karen Healey at Attention Rebelious Jezebels.

This man’s harassment of me was a single act, but the effects were not singular. He tainted my future from that moment, in small things that nevertheless have a real and visceral impact upon the way I conduct my life.

The very gendered baby, in which blue milk nails it:

You can put all sorts of spin on it as a parent but surely it comes down to this – for a male with his superior status of masculinity it is unacceptable to take on the inferior status of feminine, whereas for a female child, while she still must perform her gender-prescribed role she is welcome to aspire to certain elements of the primary status, which is masculine.

What is the world coming to? by Spilt Milk.

Of course, what he really meant was, ‘if it’s not safe for an able bodied, straight, cis-gendered, white man to walk home at night, what is the world coming to?’

On Failing Girlhood: Thoughts on Gender & Disability from Sarah at Cat in a Dog’s World.

The reason why I have unshaved legs, messy hair and nails, and hairs on my chin isn’t because I’m lazy. It’s because of my differences with sensory sensitivities, motor skills, and executive functioning. And I would like people to see that I’m not a failure as a woman just because I have these differences.

Guest Post: Sarah Rees Brennan on Movies & Sex over at Justine Larbalestier’s blog.

And—well, I just think it would be great if we could have heroines, even teenage heroines—sure, some of whom have decided to wait or haven’t decided to wait but just haven’t decided not to, but some of whom didn’t wait, had a disastrous experience and came through it just fine. Some of whom didn’t wait, had a great time, parted ways, repeated same five or a hundred times, and were also just fine.

Do you REALLY trust women? by amandaw at three rivers fog.

This is why the “choice” framework fails. It fails all of us, but it particularly fails those of us who fail to meet society’s idea of the optimal person: the pale, thin, beautiful, and financially comfortable picture of perfect health.

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