Books, that marvellous invention! Let’s discuss them!

I’ve taken up reading Terry Pratchett. When I was in primary school, my best friend was always telling me about Doctor Who, Discworld and Buffy. I refused to watch/read any of them, because science fiction? pah! I have since learned I was rather mistaken on the first count, and now on the second, and doubtless I will be a great fan of the third when I get around to watching. In any case, half a dozen people have been telling me to read Pratchett, and I’m glad I am! I read Wyrd Sisters last year and read Equal Rites quite recently. As you’d expect from the title, it’s a lovely feminist sort of book, and I recommend it to one and all! I’m now on to Carpe Jugulum, but I am interrupting that for a time to read the book discussed in the paragraph after next.

I’ve taken to reading on my brand new and rather too long daily commute. Today I finished up a book called Between the Sheets by Lesley McDowell. It’s about relationships between nine twentieth century women writers and their male partners. I’ll not tell you my thoughts now as I’ll be posting a review on Feministe as soon as I can gather the time and brainspoons (I’ve got lots going on and my metaphorical cutlery draw is quite sparse at the present). For now I’ll just say that it’s very well researched and I enjoyed it quite a lot.

I’ve moved on to Small World by David Lodge now. I’m not very far in but I’ve burst out loud laughing several times, and I’m not much one for laughing aloud. It’s a rather delicious book, apparently in the vein of something called critifiction, which is a combining of literary theory and practice. That is, it’s quite as much about drawing attention to and examining literary criticism and such even as it plays with it and practices it. Which might sound quite dry, but it’s really very funny and clever, and I’m enjoying it thoroughly.

Reading anything good yourself?

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