It’s time for another round of Things I’ve Published Elsewhere I Haven’t Cross-Posted or Linked to Here! There are a bunch, so let’s go for it…

At Feministe:
5 things that are wrong with this way of thinking
The narrative we’re told/sold over and over again (this one’s my favourite)
… yeah
Some things you should know about the Vancouver Olympic Games
International Women’s Day is very soon!
Feministe All Over The World Redux
Women owe society neither babies nor excuses
Much as you might expect
Exciting times for women’s political representation in India.
I think I can taste some misogyny in this water.
It’s About Control

At FWD/Forward:
Only you know your own experience
In which you are given information you may be able to use to help a few thousand disabled students out!
Quoted: Rosemarie Garland-Thomson on staring
A program on disability rights in Australia
Doctor Who and the Evil Wheelchair Users of Evil
No title for this one.
And a couple of Question Times: Intersections, Accessibility, Disability Activists and Odd Questions

And a couple of tumblr posts: an untitled one about culture and the first draft of Dear USians on the Internet. And don’t forget, a picture or video of David Tennant goes up on my tumblr every day!