I’ve got a request of those of you who’ve been submitting my posts to sites like Reddit and Metafilter. Could you please not do that anymore? I thank you for your intent; it’s so nice of you to want to promote my stuff/open up conversations further. However, I have to deal with the fallout, and that usually takes the form of several days of high stress, and I would really like that to stop happening.

I’ve been getting a fair bit through the spam queue lately and obviously haven’t sorted through it all. If your comment hasn’t gone through over the last few days, please feel free to resubmit as it probably got stuck in there with the actual spam!

Also, don’t forget I am going to be at the F Conference in but a few days! You can book here and you can ask any questions you want addressed at the conference here.

Lastly, it’s the last day to submit March posts to the Down Under Feminists Carnival.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!