I am very fatigued at present. I’m in that place where I haven’t even the spoons to get through all the entries on the blogs I actually write for, let alone the other blogs I like to read, when I am awake or awake enough to read at all, which is a bit of a worry. I think I’m going to have to preserve the spoons I have for such marvellous things as Eating Food and Speaking with Family and Friends as well as Writing Essays. So I am going to be taking some of my April break to hopefully rest up a bit, give the contents of my cutlery draw a bit of a scrub and a polish, (IT’S A METAPHOR) reread Harry Potter if possible and panic over how slowly my essays are going. Well, hopefully more write really good essays about racist framing of East Asian histories and what characters’ names in fiction might or might not signify and that sort of thing. Blogging is likely to be light if existant for a few bit – and here I was going to use the time to write up thinky thoughts! Oh well, c’est la vie.