I thought some of you coming by this blog from the F Conference – or perhaps those who are new to Zero at the Bone in general – would like to get an idea of what I do without having to trek through the archives. Here are some links for that purpose. Happy reading, readers!

Without and within, part two: some thoughts on intersectionality.

On identifying identities: on the denial of identities, particularly with regard to the policing of teenagers’ identities.

Invisible Identities:
Part 1: Invisible to Whom?
Part 2: The Default Human
Part 3: The Privileges and Pains of Passing

The importance of women’s friendships

Disability is not your analogy: our lives are not your go-to term for all things bad.

This is what an activist looks like: ‘It’s not even just about the privileging of particular modes of contribution. It’s this: I do not know where anyone gets off saying that what another person does to heal the world is less than proper.’

In which homework is assigned: expanding ideas around accessibility.

They are mine, they are mine, they are mine: my breasts, that is.

I write elsewhere, too, most regularly at Feministe and FWD/Forward.