Look at me, all returned from my hiatus! Well, so to speak – I still have a mountain of paperwork, exhaustion and relocating to contend with, but at least I will be around a bit more! Also, so to speak in terms of it not having been a break from the feminist blogosphere in some ways: I’ve been fortunate enough to meet with some readers in person over the past week (hello!) and just this morning hear this here blog being quoted in a gender studies lecture at a real live university, which put an enormous smile on my face, let me tell you. And, also, I can’t exactly switch off my feminist brain, so that need to engage doesn’t just go away. Half an hour after the end of my hiatus I was scribbling thoughts for a post on this very topic, so you may see that soon, essays/moving/disability permitting.

Until then! During my absence, Bitch Magazine’s latest podcast, The Old Episode, went up. I was interviewed for it by the exceedingly nice Kjerstin Johnson. There’s a portion of our conversation in the podcast proper, but if you wish you can listen to/read my interview in full. You know you want to hear all about what I think around feminist icons, teen issues, the role of the feminist blogosphere, and more! Or you can just listen to my charming Australian accent! Either way, it’s exciting stuff!