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To start us off, because I seem incapable of not linking Spilt Milk in these things, (what can I say, she’s fabulous) here’s On bronchitis/(untitled).

Unremembered gifts; tiny seeds.

your don’t knows by cripchick.

you don’t know how to sit in a circle
so you plant yourself
in the middle

Yeah, that. Now to brand it on the tip of your tongue, also by cripchick.

flip it, spit it out in a poem, brand it on the tip
of your tongue
do whatever you have to do
to remember

An untitled poem by Jet Silver at her Dreamwidth.

the old man takes up so much room
like so many men in the world
demands attention
demands notice
demands watching out of the corner of my eye
because he might do anything at all.

My favourite blog post of 2008, So get bent at Attention Rebellious Jezebels, features Karen Healey’s More About Them.

Did you not want to know that?
Too bad. You can’t have them
separated from my life: my aches;
my routines; my fears;
my mother; my funeral;
the truthful things they’ll say

Exorcising Ghosts: II by Wheelchair Dancer.

You have to be kidding.
You can’t go through life like that.

I Have Cried Tears by Cecelia at Anishinaabekwe, from which I can’t take an excerpt, so you will just have to click through.

The Thousand Voices by PharaohKatt at Something More Than Sides.

I am me.
I am here for me.

Exhibition by Annaham at ham blog.

random stranger,
friend of a friend,
asshole on the street who tells me to smile
because it can’t be
that bad
every word
means less to me
than I do to you