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Now I know lots of you are Doctor Who fans, so let’s have a conversation about what we think of the start of the new era. The reach of the discussion is to be up to episode 5 of the series currently airing, and I shall devise a horrible punishment (not really) for anyone dropping spoilers beyond that! Apart from that caveat, feel free to speak about anything you like! That thing that bothered you about “The Time of Angels”! Eleven’s outfit! Theories! Speculations! Might I recommend you also check out Kristin King‘s thoughts on all things Whovian, in particular this piece from Strange Horizons, Fall of a Superhero in Doctor Who: “The Waters of Mars”.

Matt and Karen, stars of the show, stand in front of an ice cream truck.  As Matt is wearing the Tenth Doctor's outfit and Karen a police uniform, they appear to be on the set of