I recall that some readers were interested in hearing more about race terminology in different cultural and national contexts. I’ve written a post for Feministe related to that subject that you may be interested to read called On Referring to People Who Aren’t White:

‘Before I started reading feminist blogs, I’d never heard the term “person of colour” as it’s not widely used here in Australia. Since then, I’ve heard it perhaps four times (my head always jerks up in surprise!) out of femosphere contexts as far as I can recall. The concept itself, I should note, was not new to me, it’s just one I would have signified with “non-white” or similar rather than person of colour.

‘Today, I’m not going to talk about what I’d like to talk about, which would be what that kind of experience means, about how dialogue around race goes when people from lots of different contexts funnel into one big space like the Internet. I’m going to lay some groundwork in the form of a brief and rough guide to referring to people who aren’t white while taking cultural difference into account.’

Read the rest here.