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Greetings, friends, I have returned from my trip! We did loads of great things in Melbourne, which has to be my favourite city I’ve ever been to. It’s a beautiful city full of lovely people, amazing buildings, artiness and shopping! Because we shopped. We shopped a lot. (LOOK AT MY HAT.) One day we shopped on Bridge Rd and then went to the State Library… to see an exhibition on shopping. We also went to the ballet, which was quite exciting. I even enjoyed the travelling time; the trips there and back were quite an experience for me as I’d not been on a plane since I was a wee girl. And my affection for the Melbourne public transport system is no secret.

I love the gardens there; check out this mini Tudor village from Fitzroy Gardens! The famous fairy tree, featuring carvings of fairies and such, is in the background.Mini Tudor village!

We also went up the highest viewing platform in the Southern Hemisphere and looked down at the whole city! At Federation Square…

A square, with angular, artsy buildings and a big white globe (an art installation) viewed from above.… and all the way out to the ocean.Lots and lots of buildings until the edge of the sea.But one of the things I enjoyed best about Melbourne was the food.

On plates with forks, a oval-shaped strawberry cake and a rainbow-coloured cake.A bunch of strawberry tarts.A tower of many different kinds of cupcakes.

As glad as I am to be back in my own space, I already miss exploring gorgeous Melbourne.