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At Feministe, another side to my holiday in A lesson relearned on gender and space:

My friend E and I, after an eventful train ride to the airport, finally made it to the departure lounge. We dragged our luggage along, looking for two seats side by side. We found one seat. The seat next to this one was occupied by a single water bottle. The seat next to that one was occupied by a man. We rolled up and paused, waiting for the man to remove his bottle. He did not. Well, okay, a minor rudeness. I said ‘excuse me, can you move your water bottle?’ And he did. E and I sat down and waited for out flight to be called.

At FWD/Forward, Interview: Ingrid Voorendt, Dance Theatre Director. Ingrid was a real pleasure to interview. We talked about beauty and dance and disability and her latest show:

I think beauty is much more than surface, as I believe we all do, but we live in a culture increasingly driven by the visual, by a world of images. It’s true that in our society disabled people aren’t often thought of as beautiful, and I hope Beauty questions this in a subtle way. Beauty is also linked to sexuality, which is also often denied in disabled people.