Spoilers for Doctor Who Series 5 follow!

The Doctor and Amy in the Tardis. He, in his customary tweed jacket and bowtie, has his right arm on her left shoulder, she's wearing a red scarf and blue top with a jacket.

So, now that we’ve all had a bit of time to giggle and gasp and let it settle, let us discuss the newest series of Doctor Who.

I really wasn’t as impressed as I thought I would be. There were some great moments, of course: the crack in the wall was inspired and Simon Nye (writer of “Amy’s Choice”) did himself proud with his Dream Lord. But it felt like they were still trying to figure running the show out whereas I’d been used to jumping right in, having the tone of a Doctor Who series set from the get-go. There wasn’t that cohesive, top-notch collectiveness going on: it felt like each of the writers were told to go off and do their own thing rather than adhere to a central, well, Whoishness. Does anyone else feel the same? This is also the first time I’ve not really identified with or found something to like in a companion, but that’s hardly a proper criticism. But for a show for which that character is designed as an entry point for the audience, Amy’s characterisation really left it a bit flat for me. I guess it was a bit of a shock to have pretty much the entire lead production team change, but I really wasn’t feeling it this year as much as I have come to expect.

So, points of discussion:

  • Rory! Rory! What even is that? Is he plastic still? Did the plastic thing now ever happen? Dude really loves her to have been sticking around for two thousand years!
  • Wasn’t “The Lodger” just gorgeous? My favourite episode was “Amy’s Choice” by far, how fantastically creepy and clever. That was some really fine writing.
  • So what do we all think of Eleven and Amy? This is hardly news to anyone who follows Daily Tennant, (on tumblr, I’m posting pictures of David Tennant for a year) but I miss Ten a lot. Eleven is pretty ace and, yes, bowties are cool! Because I am a theatre nerd, let me just say that I find the way they both talk really appealing; Karen Gillan’s delivery, with its odd places of emphasis, really appeals to my drama school grad self.
  • I’ve been finding the progression as to “what’s at stake” in Doctor Who episodes pretty amusing. London, the Earth, the solar system, the universe, the multiverse, reality itself! Who is with me?
  • River Song! What is her secret?

Carry on as you will, dear Whovian readers.