Announcing a meet-up for feminist blog folk in the Sydney region. You don’t need to write a blog yourself or be a regular commenter or anything, it’s just an invitation to come and hang out with some like-minded folk for a couple of hours.

Here are the details:

When? Sunday, 29 August, at 11am.
Where? Victoria Park, in the grounds of the University of Sydney, on Parramatta Rd. It’s just opposite Broadway shopping center and the start of Glebe Point Rd. As to where precisely: there’s a big bridge across the lake; we’ll be meeting to the right of that. (That is, the right as you face Parramatta Rd, but don’t worry, we’ll be next to the bridge and pretty conspicuous.) As to how to get there, see below.
What are we doing? We’re going to hang out an have a chat and, for those who are inclined, a picnic! So bring some blankets/chairs and your own food to eat as these things will not be supplied!
Wet weather plan? Well, that really depends on how many people come, so I will let you know for sure when we have the numbers down. It doesn’t look like it will be raining on that day.
Accessibility: There are wide bitumen pathways and a few benches in the Park. Our wet weather plan will definitely be wheelchair accessible. If you are concerned about how to get there, find a route by calling 131500 or on http://www.131500.com.au and clicking the ‘easy access only’ button when the results of your search come up. If you have any accessibility concerns at all, please do not hesitate to email me at chally [dot] zeroatthebone [at] gmail [dot] com.

So, in order to secure that wet weather plan, I need you to RSVP very promptly so I can gauge numbers. Please respond by 14 August to say if you (and anyone you’re bringing with you) will be coming. (If you’re really not sure if you can make it, please leave a comment saying so and let me know as soon as you possibly can.) Sooner is better than later, and I’d like to get most responses within the week, please!

This meet-up was the idea of Chloe from Feministing, who’s coming back to Aus for a bit, so you have her to thank for the suggestion!

So, how to get there: You can take most buses from outside Town Hall Station and they leave frequently from Central Station. The bus will have “P’matta Rd” on its electronic display sign. It’s a big park so it’s hard to miss, but just ask someone if you’re worried!

Leave RSVPs in comments or email me: again, my email is chally [dot] zeroatthebone [at] gmail [dot] com. Don’t forget to specify if you’re bringing anyone else along; family and friends are definitely welcome!

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