This coming Sunday, 29 August, we’re having a meet-up in Sydney! You do not need to be a blogger or a regular commenter or anything to come, you just need to want to come hang out with some like-minded folks for a few hours. You can check out the full details in my announcement post. A quick summary of the details: We’re meeting at 11am on the 29th, in Victoria Park (which in the grounds of the University of Sydney) on Parramatta Rd. As to where precisely: there’s a big bridge across the lake; we’ll be meeting to the right of that. (That is, the right as you face Parramatta Rd, but don’t worry, we’ll be next to the bridge and pretty conspicuous.) As to how to get there and accessibility details, see the previous post.

We’re going to be sitting around and chatting, picnic-style! So bring some blankets/chairs and your own food to eat as these things will not be supplied. Well, I’ll be making a gluten-free cheesecake to share, but you yourself are definitely not obliged to share food.

But what, you say, of a wet weather plan? It does not look as though it will be raining. In the event that it does rain, we will not be meeting in Victoria Park but at a cafe called Deus. It’s at 98-104 Parramatta Rd, Camperdown, which is not far at all from Victoria Park (here’s a Google Map). It’s on the corner of Parramatta and Lyons Rd, and the entrance – which is wheelchair accessible – is on the Lyons side. If you need any more specific directions or need to know bus routes or anything, let me know. Again, I doubt we will be heading here, but if the weather report changes, I will send an email round to everyone who has RSVPed on early Saturday evening. Obviously, if you wake up Sunday morning and it is pouring, we’re going to the cafe instead of the park! Sound good?

If you get super confused or lost on the way there, I’m going to try and keep an eye on comments here, so don’t worry too much. Any last minute RSVPs? Drop a note in comments or email me at chally [dot] zeroatthebone [at] gmail [dot] com. Family and friends are most welcome. I am so looking forward to seeing you all!