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I’m having kind of a terrible time at the moment and don’t really feel up to speaking. So: the words of others. I’ve been saving these links for a while so you know they’re great.

Cara at The Curvature: Emergency Room Allegedly Denied Treatment to Woman Because She is Trans

[…] those who are supposed to value life most have a too frequent habit of deciding that certain, marginalized lives just don’t matter much at all.

s.e. smith at this ain’t livin’: Costuming, Norms, Social Performance, and Media Reinforcement Thereof

And thus I watch the disputes that erupt over costuming with a great deal of curiosity. To me, costuming is a fascinating and complex thing. It is performance. It is survival. It can be fun. It can be pure, unadulterated misery, the trans man putting on a dress and pearls to go to work because he’s not out, the lawyer who feels comfortable in sweats squeezing into a pair of pumps and a pencil skirt to appear in court, the paramedic fighting the poorly tailored uniform that does not fit and will not fit and hating the exposure that comes with it.

Body Matters by Wheelchair Dancer.

Regardless of their medical complexity, some impairments are just medical states, while others plunge their person into a membership in a group of people who experience prejudice, oppression, discrimination, higher rates of unemployment, violence, … and, on the good side, a wild, wonderful history and culture.

Consent and coming out by Amelia, guest posting at Feministe.

Knowing your preferences and your limits is an important part of having a satisfying sex life. For most of my life as a sexually active person, I could have talked about these ideas, but it wasn’t until more recently that I was finally able to practice what I often preached.

This is tied to the fact that I came out (selectively) as queer in 2009.

Meta: In which the internet is sharp on both sides by Miranda at Women’s Glib, on Internet feminism.

The internet is a sword. Since I am feeling poetic, it is probably laden with rubies and polished within an inch of its life. And like most swords, it has two edges.