I’m thinking it might be an idea to have a regular link post to things I’ve been writing elsewhere. I’ve got a huge backlog (HUGE. HUGE.) of things I haven’t linked, so I’ll stick a few of those links in with the shiny and new ones.

This week, I wrote Voting in a New Conversation at Feministe, which is an invitation for readers to share how voting works where they are! For a nerd like me, it’s pretty exciting stuff, so go join in.

At FWD/Forward, I wrote Pondering Preludes about the TV series I’ve recently been getting into, Farscape, and the rather troubling pop culture trend of utilising injury and illness in order to foreshadow death.

Also, right about now my Daily Tennant series is finishing up. That was a beautiful year of posting David Tennant pictures on tumblr, and now there are 365 pictures of hotness to look back on. I take pride in being, as a certain Anna might say, deeply shallow.

(Yes, I do write for about a million blogs. More news on this front coming up very soon.)

Also! Have, as promised, some links to things I wrote in March and April at Feministe and have yet to link!

Let’s all say it together: awwwwww. Queering mainstream pop! It’s some cool stuff.
Ban on women judges in Egypt’s top administrative court overturned.
Thinking about feminist icons, alas, didn’t provoke the kind of discussion I would have expected or wanted.
Excusing Violence: Who gets to decide what’s excuable? On disenfranchising survivors of violence.
New studies on maternal and infant deaths worldwide: very important work.