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I wanted to draw your attention to Don’t DIS My ABILITY. For those who don’t know, the Don’t DIS My ABILITY campaign is run by the NSW government every year, and it’s going to kick off in just a few days. I’ve written two pieces for their magazine, Made You Look, this year, which is very exciting stuff. “Type (re)Cast” is about popular culture representations of PWD and “Seen and not heard” is on my experiences of being young and disabled. If you’re in NSW, you can pick up a hardcopy at your local library, all over Sydney and at loads of regional newsagencies (full list of places you can obtain the mag here). If you are elsewhere, you can download a copy, in one go or in sections, if that’s easier.

Also in exciting news, I’m going to be writing for the Don’t DIS My ABILITY blog this November! I will be writing about such topics as who gets to speak about disability advocacy, narratives of disabled laziness, where conversations about disability tend to stop, feeling good about my body while disabled and what respecting disabled people means. You cannot possibly be as excited about this campaign as I am, readers, not by a long shot. I’ve had to restrain myself from using even more excessive punctuation than I already have in this post. This is going to be great.

You can learn more about the campaign, events you can attend and blogging for it yourself at my post about Don’t Dis at FWD/Forward.