Exam time means no write-y Chally. Except for exams. Just one left on Monday and then I am done for the semester! Here are some pieces I prepared earlier, published at the Don’t DIS My Ability blog:

…and I’m feeling good

This will be a bit of a shock if you’re invested in disabled bodies as broken and horrible and unlovable, so brace yourself.

I love mine.

Who Gets to Speak?

I’ve been thinking about this man ever since, and the way he read me as abled. But mostly I’ve been thinking about assumptions about the kinds of people who do disability advocacy. Namely, there’s a strong perception amongst the abled public that people with disabilities are unable to advocate for ourselves. Supposedly, our abled family and friends do it all for us.

I’m there for a few more weeks and there’s lots of other great writing coming together there, so check it out!