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I’ve been trying to write this post all month, but I only have one thing to add to my post from last year. I’m just really scared for my friends and I want them to be safe.

There are even and ever more people to be remembered. Here is a list of events you can attend.

I want to recommend you two things to read by my dear friend Queen Emily. One is It makes sense at her tumblr and the other is Transgender Day of Remembrance: Living with the threat at Hoyden About Town. I also want to point out Helen’s amazing, heartbreaking and consistent coverage of this day in particular and violence and other issues in trans lives in general at bird of paradox.

20th November is ending for me here in Australia. I am thinking of people waking up all over the world to the weight of this day, and all the people who will struggle to get to sleep tonight. But mostly the people who are now never going to wake up again.