At the Don’t DIS My ABILITY blog…

It’s Your Fault!

The thing is, people with a disability need accommodations. Accommodations aren’t optional extras, they aren’t something we can give up if we try a bit harder. Neither are we out to get all the money/spots/benefits at the expense of the rest of the population. We’re not just using the designated seating on the bus to annoy those who have to stand – and the accusatory glances are enough to wear one right down, let me tell you. The perception that we are getting all the good things in life at the expense of good, kind, innocent souls is both ridiculous and damaging. We’re just trying to live our lives.

There’s Respect, and Then There’s Respect

I’ve been thinking about how “respect” for people with disabilities is often framed in negative and condescending terms. We’re only worthy of respect insofar as we play the inspirational martyr. We can be respected for struggling through what are supposedly inevitably hopeless, helpless lives. But we can’t be respected for fighting back against the systemic barriers keeping us down, or questioning our care.

At Feministe: On Stealing Social Justice Work

I want to talk about a blogular phenomenon that has been irritating me no end for… I can’t even remember how long. This phenomenon is plagiarism. Now, plagiarism comes in a lot of forms. A pretty common one is just plain old incorporating other people’s ideas into one’s work without credit. Today, though, I particularly want to talk about out and out stealing of full posts.