Sometimes menstruating feels like my uterus is punching me from the inside. I think my uterus has a bit of a personality, gets a bit grumpy when I forget about her, and takes it out on me while my blood’s flowing. I do love my uterus, but sometimes we just don’t get along.
Chally, conveyed as a stick figure with very curly hair wearing a lime green dress, has red boxing gloves on her hands and a frown on her face. She is facing a giant pink anthropomorphic uterus, who is also frowning. The uterus has boxing gloves on the ends of the attached fallopian tubes, over the top of the ovaries. Below the figures are the words 'Chally VS THE UTERUS' in black writing, with a line under 'UTERUS'.

There are little boxing gloves over my ovaries, see, see?