I’ve been blogging my little heart out lately.

At Bitch Magazine:

Iconography: Octavia E. Butler and Rewriting the Other

Octavia E. Butler is most likely the best writer I’ve ever encountered. That’s certainly true technically: she’s flawless. I mean that there is literally not a thing I would change in her writing, and that is absolutely unique. But it’s her incisive, loving explorations of a broken world that will blow your mind wide open.

Iconography: Ursula K. Le Guin, the Model of a Modern Mythmaker

I love Ursula K. Le Guin’s writing so much. Who better with whom to finish our trip into feminist science fiction? And how to pick just a few of her works to write about…?!

Iconography: Figuring Fan Fiction

I was twelve or thirteen when I first started reading and writing fan fiction, and I can’t see myself stopping any time soon. Fan fiction is not only creative, I haven’t simply been a part of great communities, but there are some really interesting dynamics going on with feminist refiguring of literary icons.

At Feministe:

Happy Birthday, Jane Austen!:

She would have been 235 years old today.

Cultural Constructions, Part 3

So, let’s talk about shifts towards whiteness, the phenomenon of groups “achieving” status as white.

Cultural Constructions: An Interlude:

I decided to write about race again and again, until I didn’t have to put up with being misracialised and such on my own blog. I wanted to hit something really important home. The logics that lead you to expect to encounter (or not) particular kinds of people in particular ways do not hold most of the time.