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It’s my second blogiversary here at Zero at the Bone. I had signed up for this WordPress account on 18 November 2008 and made my first post on 20 November, but I consider that it all clicked for me on 31 December.

It’s been another strange year for me personally, and my blogging life has not been easy, either. I’ve written some pieces I am proud of, have seen my work used in universities (and archived in the National Library), have jumped off from blogging to speak and write on social justice issues in other media, and have made and solidified many friendships. You know your blog is a big part of your life when you met a fair portion of your offline world friends blogging.

I love this little space. It’s mine to work out who I am and how I work in the world, and to explore the things that matter to me. I’m glad it matters to so many other people. I’ve long said that ZatB has the best commentariat one could ask for; thank you for your comments and your readership.

When I started, I had meant to keep this blog up for a year at minimum, and, having made my way through two, find that there is still much in my heart left to say. I called this blog Zero at the Bone because I wanted to keep the need for clear, passionate, at-the-bone engagement constantly in mind. I think I’ve been writing with that kind of integrity, but being true to one’s soul is always going to be a work in progress.