With my nose stuck in books. So many books. My Bitch stint is a lot of research. But you wanted to know about the blogging.

At Bitch, in my Iconography series:

The Rather Extraordinary Astrid Lindgren and Pippi Longstocking: ‘With sales numbering at about 145 million copies and, according to UNESCO, as the world’s twenty-fifth most translated author, Astrid Lindgren is about as formative as it gets. Who among us doesn’t love Pippi Longstocking?’

Picturing What the Kids are Reading These Days: ‘Gather around, children. It’s time for a story. Several, actually. I’ve been thinking about picture books, and how big an impact a story can have with just a few words.’

Harry Potter and the Girls Who Weren’t Chosen Ones: ‘It’s not Rowling’s fault in particular, but she’s playing into a pattern in which even the most unheroic boys in children’s fiction get to be the main character rather than the most fitting of girls.’

Tamora Pierce and All the Feminist Fantasy Heroines You Could Want: ‘Tamora Pierce is every feminist fantasy fan’s favorite, hands down. She writes engaging adventure stories with, for a nice chance, substantive engagement with social justice issues.’

Chloe Wofford, Toni Morrison, and Turning the Erased into the Iconic: ‘Born Chloe Anthony Wofford in 1931, Toni Morrison is one of the most iconic literary figures of the twentieth century.’

It’d Be a Crime Not To: ‘Discuss the women of crime, that is. Crime fiction is still seen as very much a gentleman’s genre, something at which fans of Agatha Christie and Patricia Highsmith, for a start, scoff vigorously (if scoffing can be performed vigorously).’

At Feministe:

What moves you?: ‘Is it a book, a place you like to contemplate the universe, a phrase, a person, a memory, an object, an idea?’

Books, books, books!: ‘I’m going to pick a few of my recommendations from what I’ve read over the past year, and then you can have a go in comments! There can never be too many reading recommendations.’ Yes, that is Tamora Pierce in comments. Not that I wrote about her specifically so that she would comment or anything.

Jayaben Desai, 1933-2010: She sounds like a pretty amazing person; go read up about her.

Happy New Year!: ‘If you celebrated, what did you get up to? And what are your hopes for this coming year?’

At FWD/Forward:

Spotlighting Kirstenbosch Garden!: ‘Do you know, readers, it struck me that I have never posted about South Africa’s Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden? As the Garden is both stunning and disability friendly, I do not know how this is possible! I must correct it at once.’

Also have some of my recommended readings because they’re rather amazing, if I do say so myself: 17 December edition and 24 December edition.

FWD/Forward has just ended; here is our farewell post.