I wanted to remind you that there’s a Sydney meet up on Sunday. Please don’t be shy, come along! You cannot possibly be as nervous as I get at these things, trust me.

In the spirit of Downunderanness, I’m adding some more Downunderans to the blogroll!

adelaide from adelaide
Craft is the New Black
Fat Heffalump
Pondering Postfeminism
Profligate Promiscuous Strumpet

There are loads more great blogs out there, but I think that is sufficient for tonight. The blogroll needs some serious work. There is a lot of great reading to be had in the blogosphere, is there not?!

In other news, my surname change came through today. I went and changed my details with the university today, and tomorrow I’m off to the bank, library and such. It’s such a weight off my mind. I’ve been meaning to blog about what the change means to me, so perhaps I shall!